Menka Nagrani / Bonne fête



See the teaser of the show.


See a Télé-Québec report about the creation and rehearsal process for the show.

Menka Nagrani

Menka Nagrani

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Bonne fête !

A brand new short dance-theatre piece by Menka Nagrani (based on an excerpt from David Paquet's “Porc-épic”) and featuring the talents of two surprising artists: Gabrielle Marion Rivard and Olivier Rousseau.

- September 8, 2017 at the Fifth Room at Place des arts as part of the Festival Quartier danses.

Info and tickets: Click here

October 24 and 25, 2017 at the Fifth Room at the Place des Arts as part of “Fête”, small scrapes and almost special effects / Les Muses birthday show.

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Le Chemin des passes dangereuses

A Second Quebec Tour for “Le Chemin des Passes-dangereuses”, Winter 2018.

- Maison de la culture Verdun: January 19, 2018
- Maison de la culture Montréal-Nord: January 26, 2018
- Salle Hector-Charland, L’Assomption: February 6, 2018
- Maison de la culture Plateau Mont-Royal: February 7, 2018
- Secret surprise show (clue: it will be located 40 km from Montreal): February 11, 2018
- Carletton-sur-mer: March 21, 2017

Le Chemin des passes dangereuses
(Michel Marc Bouchard),

a dance-theatre show by Menka Nagrani

with Arnaud Gloutnez, Dominic St-Laurent
and Félix Monette-Dubeau.

Three brothers get in a car accident at the exact same place where their father tragically died years ago.

Discover a unique and surprising version of this legendary play by Michel Marc Bouchard. Both played and danced, it integrates contemporarydance, acrobatics, percussive dance... as well as Quebecois traditional step-dancing!

« Successful mission for Menka Nagrani's small team with Le chemin des passes dangereuses. The Director and her three actors have accomplished a breathtaking show.(...) With her adaptation of the Michel Marc Bouchard theatre play, Menka Nagrani manages what many would like, but a few realize: a dance-theater fuson where both fields triumph thanks to amazing performances. (...) »

- Mario Cloutier, La Presse, February 20, 2015

See the teaser of the show : Click here

See a Télé-Québec report about the creation and rehearsal process for the show : Click here

Coming soon...

Since October 2016, we have been training 3 fabulous performers in step-dancing and percussive dance for our next production. They are Gabrielle Marion Rivard, Noémie Godin Vigneau and Marilyn Perreault...

More on this soon...

Our short film Eurêka ! in France

Our short film Eurêka will be presented in Rouen (France) at the Festival Art et déchirure, November 8th to 19th 2017.


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