Menka Nagrani

Menka Nagrani

Cendre - Capsule 1

Cendre - Capsule 1

Menka Nagrani

Eurêka! bande-annonce

Eurêka! Teaser

Eurêka! Le documentaire - Présentation

Eurêka! The documentary - Presentation

Upcoming projects

Au-delà du rien

A new creation at the Quartiers Danses festival

Discover Au-delà du rien, a short dance piece by Menka Nagrani, with Gabrielle Marion-Rivard, Marylin Perreault and Olivier Rousseau.

Three human beings, dispossessed, alone and vulnerable. Beyond the emptiness and the unsettling vertigo of the unknown, beyond nothing. When everything has collapsed, will there be one single heart left to beat? An earth where one can breathe? Step-dancing moves to mark the rhythm of life? Au-delà du rien is the first step in the creation of Cendres, a dance-theater show that will be presented at Théâtre Prospero next February.

Cinquième salle, Place des Arts
Tuesday, September 11, 2018, 8 pm

Info and ticket purchase : Click here


A new dance-theater production

Étienne and his sister Viviane are survivors of a devastating fire that made them orphans. As they attempt to restart their lives, the hurricane season is unfolding with fury in those faraway countries of sun and beaches. After years of absence, their sister Sophie suddenly reappears, in full-fledged burnout. All three are trying to invent the next step to be taken. Is it the end of a world or the beginning of a new one? Combining theater, contemporary dance, percussive dance and traditional step-dancing, Cendres ventures into fields of hopes and dispossessions. Artists Emmanuelle Jimenez and Menka Nagrani are teaming up for this new dance-theater show by Les Productions des pieds des mains.

Creative team: Menka Nagrani, Emmanuelle Jimenez, Gabrielle Marion-Rivard, Marilyn Perreault, Olivier Rousseau, Maëva Clermont, Érica Schmitz, Anne-Sara Gendron

Théâtre Prospero
From February 19 to March 9, 2018

Info and ticket purchase : Click here

Our short film Eureka ! continues its film festivals tour of Canada, the United States, France, Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom, India, France, England, the United States and Poland

• Festival Quartiers Danses, Montréal, Québec, Canada (September 2016)
• FICOCC (Five Continents International Film Festival) (August 2017) Audience Award !
• CICFF (Calcutta International Cult Film Festival) Calcutta, Bengale Occidental, Inde (December 2016)
• LVIFF (Lake View International Film Festival), Punjab, Inde (January 2017)
• Festival Art et Déchirure, Rouen, France (November 2017)
• Together! 2017 Disability Film Festival, Londres, Angleterre (December 2017)
• CAFF (Central Alberta Film Festival), Red Deer, Alberta, Canada (February 2018)
• Utah Dance Film Festival, Orem, Utah, États-Unis (February 2018) Winner - Costume design !
• Short Waves Festival, Poznan, Pologne (March 2018)
• kRoki - International Festival of Modern Dance, Cracovie, Pologne (May 2018)
• Berlin Short Film Festival, Berlin, Germany (june 2018)

The Eureka ! adventure continues! Les Productions des pieds des mains are now embarking on a new project: Eureka, le documentaire !

In response to the enthusiasm generated by the short film Eureka !, directed by Menka Nagrani and David B. Ricard, Les Productions des pieds des mains are now making a documentary film highlighting the unique creative process of Eureka ! and its integration of professional artists with a disability. Unpublished clips captured during filming and exclusive interviews with filmmakers and collaborators will be brought together with the purpose of revealing one extraordinary artistic universe. This documentary film project aligns with the company's singular approach and intends to authentically portrait the commitment and professionalism displayed by its artists. To be continued!

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