Le Temps des Marguerites...
à la folie ou pas du tout!
[Daisy Time: Loves Me, Loves Me Not]

productions des pieds des mains Everyone knows the opera Faust, even if only from Bianca Castafiore singing the “Jewel Song” in the Tintin stories. It was composed by Charles Gounod in 1869, inspired by Goethe’s play of the same name. Its themes are still relevant today: Faust, a jaded old doctor, sells his soul to the devil in exchange for youth, so he can court the beautiful young Marguerite.

This updated version is part musical, part theatre, and mostly dance. By removing the constraint of vocal performance required of opera singers, the focus is placed on movement as the basis to interpret the magnificent romantic music. The shift from voice to body also underscores the dissociation from the highly dramatic traditional opera, sometimes mired in bombastic language, at which this show pokes gentle fun.

Modern Marguerite is a woman unable to accept change, who longs to stay exactly the same

both on stage and in life, who mourns her youth that is slipping away as quickly as the role to which she clings, which will not come back no matter what she does.

There is a time for everything—the seasons come and go, and daisies don’t last forever.

productions des pieds des mains

(in order of appearance)

Modern Marguerite :
Veronica Melis
Siebel : Jean-François Hupé
Faust : Michael Nimbley
Mephistopheles, agent,
surgeon, journalist :

Nicolas Belle-Isle
Opera Marguerite :
Geneviève Morin-Dupont
Choreographer and artistic director
Menka Nagrani

Writer/adapter and director
Richard Gaulin

Martin Sirois

Stage design
Julie Bourbonnais et Marie Bernard
Charles Gounod
(excerpts from Faust)
et François Beausoleil
(contemporary music and montage)

Érich Kory

Stage manager
Kim Perreault

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